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Definitive: 'Love Lockdown'

Kanye West- Love Lockdown (T-Minus 321 Remix) (Link 2)

Unlike many of the bigger blogs out there, I've kept 'Love Lockdown' at arm's reach... not because I don't like it, but because I wanted the dust to settle before I posted a definitive remix. I've also tried to keep the number of 'hot tracks' down to a minimum for the last few weeks, purely because its nice to have something in reserve when you need it.

Let me state my position: 'Love Lockdown' is such a grower. If you break it down, its a pretty simple composition, but Kanye has really impressed me by upping the audience-input, evolving the song little by little and responding to the backlash. The 'Love Lockdown' that I now sing along to is not the same song that he debuted at the VMA's. I also don't believe that this version will appear on the album, as Kanye has displayed an experimentive nature that will no doubt carry over to the album.

Anyway, after sifting through the remixes (trust me, there are waaay to many), I chose one definitive song. As well as taking the song somewhere totally new, the artwork is incredible. Feel free to keep the creativity alive by downloading the stems (they're all over the net).

QUIX- Only In Your Long Hair

QUIX- Only In Your Long Hair (Link 2)

I would say I'm the slightly on edge right now. I've been over-taxed. I'm doing SATs (and whilst they are interesting, they do take up time). I guess I need to chill. Not let the little things get to me. Focus on the big picture. Go on a pub-crawl tomorrow night.

QUIX sent me 'Only In Your Long Hair' last night, and its exactly the medication that I needed. It winds you down. Chills you out. Uplifts.

In my opinion, no one can explain the process behind a track better than the artist themselves. As QUIX puts it:

'LA/Washington DC producer/turntablist QUIX is currently in the works on his debut solo LP - this is a demo version of one of the lead tracks - "Only In Your Long Hair" started as a comissioned remix for Washington DC rock act The Speaks - when the label (Warner) rejected it for its "club sound", QUIX held on to the track for use on his album.'

I love a track with a good story. 'Only In Your Long Hair' starts big, brings the synths to the party, and then we're set. As well as featuring a particularly quaint vocal sample, the song jumps around, and the scratching influence is clear. I like.


Twisted Wheel

Twisted Wheel- She's A Weapon (Link 2)

Twisted Wheel. Wow. How have I not heard of you? I'm fairly sure its a combination of my aversion to the NME, and my brief hiatus from blogging. Either way, I'm sorry I missed you.

Raucous. Raw. To the point. These were the first words that sprung into my mind when listening to 'She's A Weapon'. It's unfortunate that often, we immediately associate these with poor lyrics and musicianship, but we do have reason. Twisted Wheel are an exciting exception.

The latest from Sony BMG, Twisted Wheel are definitely moving in the right direction; they have heaps of attitude and have been picked up by record label that will surely market them to hell and back. The band are currently on tour with The Rascals, another band making moves (largely due to 'The Large Shadow Puppet's popularity, it has to be said), and have a series of dates with Oasis lined up in October. My view is slightly tinted, though, in that the band immediately reminded me of a fusion of The Twang and The Courteeners. Memories of hype. A huge build up. And then, the album drops, flat as a pancake.

I do have a good feeling about this one, though, and those feelings are going to be put on hold... permanently. With both of the aforementioned bands, I just let the hype carry me along, and I wasn't particularly fussed when the resultant album's fell short. This time around, though, I'm going to indulge. Get involved.

Let us say, Twisted Wheel are to those bands what The Verve were to Oasis and The Stone Roses. A perfect combination. And I just hope they can emulate Mr. Ashcroft's success.

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