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A 17 year old taking his first tentative steps into the world of blogging. In my first year, its been up and down, from the slow first months to a busy time around the one year anniversary.

Coldplay: 'Lovers In Japan'. Sigur Ros. Weezer are relevant again. Ratatat. Fun. Immuzikation- Extremely prolific

Once again, I have learnt one of the simple truths of blogging. It's unpredictable! The popularity of a post is often unrelated to its length or quality: sometimes posts which I rattle out in five minutes are popular, whereas those which I labour over barely get off the ground. I'm not worried, but I think its time for this blog to get back to normal, and stop worrying about my content and hits.
Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends' (pre-order here) is on the verge of a full leak: the bands management have done well thus far: the three leaked tracks have all been very low quality, and in 'Lost's case, not the version that will appear on the album (early verdict says the album version is much superior, with an organ backing). However, one more track has appeared on the web. Again, the version is fairly low quality, but represents another valuable peak at the album nonetheless. 'Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love' is another nice combo, in keeping with 'Viva La Vida's sound. The album is garnering mostly positive early reviews: the generally negative NME gave it 8/10, which bodes well.

Coldplay recently announced their UK tour dates, which are as follows. Unfortunately, the US tour is taking preference, which rules the band out of most of the UK festivals. The UK tour commences in December.

Coldplay- Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love (Link 2)

1/12/08 - Birmingham, NIA
2/12/08 - Birmingham, NIA
5/12/08 - Glasgow, SECC
6/12/08 - Glasgow, SECC
7/12/08 - Sheffield, Arena
10/12/08 - Liverpool, Echo Arena
11/12/08 - Manchester, MEN Arena
12/12/08 - Manchester, MEN Arena
14/12/08 - London, O2 Arena
15/12/08 - London, O2 Arena

Sigur Ros have always been bonkers. However, just as with Bjork, their loopiness adds to their music, rather than detracting from it. Never has this been more clear than with their latest track, Gobbledigook.

Sigur Ros- Gobbledigook
(Link 2)

Weezer's new album leaked last week. It's not as bad as early reviews stated, but also not as great as some fans hoped. The few high spots are a milestone for the band: a handful of songs are the best material recorded since 'Pinkerton'. Which is great. Best of all is the album closer 'The Angel And The One', which sits apart from the rest of the album. Why? Because it's sincere... 'Pork And Beans' is fun, sure, but sometimes I enjoy the more heartfelt Weezer which rarely surfaces.

Weezer- The Angel And The One (Link 2)

Weezer have also made a huge impact with their new video for 'Pork And Beans'. The video has the band performing the song, alongside many internet sensations and meme's. A few notable cameos include Tay Zonday, Mentos/Coke and Chris Crocker. Some might question why these people would ridicule themselves in such a way, but in the end, this video gives them what they want: a slight extension to their 15 minutes. It's a genius move by Rivers and co- Weezer are relevant again. 4 million views and counting...

I wasn't aware of Ratatat until their logo flashed across my screen whilst flicking through another blog. It's throwback, and instantly reminded me of Thundercats and Transformers. It was a bit of a bonus, then, that their music is also worth the time. Shiller is

Ratatat- Shiller (Link 2)

Immuzikation is making serious moves. I'm still not entirely sure how this guy mashes the songs so quickly- yesterday he sent me two quality tunes, one arrived this morning and I'm expecting more today. Just a quick drop- I seriously recommend you download his new uber mash-up: 'And Her Sisters'. It's 25 minutes long, encompasses well over 20 songs and moves seamlessly through genres and styles. Download, below. Will re-upload later today...

Immuzikation- And Her Sisters

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: New Lightspeed Champion Tracks And Live Review@ Paradiso- 8 PM, 31/03/08

Watch this band. If you do anything today, make sure you check out Lightspeed Champion. I can tell you now, without a shadow of a doubt, that Dev Hynes is going to be big. As in, he will be remembered as one of 'the great British songwriters'.

Explain? Well, a few months ago at the Paradiso, they blew me away. I've been a fan since Dev's Test Icicles days, but I still wasn't expecting this quality of performance. At around 8 PM, Dev (complete with fur hat) and his band strolled on stage, with no ostentation. None materialised through the set. He had this aura of 'niceness', and was totally chilled: 'so, what have you guys been up to today?' was the opener. Each song was ended with 'thanks everyone'. Here's a clear example of someone unaffected by fame (reassuring, considering there's much more to come). I hope Dev reads this- not an unreasonable expectation considering he commented on one of my earliest posts about Lightspeed Champion.

Thankfully, his stage presence isn't all I have to rave about. The music itself was brilliant. The band- Dev and his band (drums, bass and violin) swept through a well balanced set, with oodles of character and charm. Oh, and just to clarify something, Dev is really, really, really good at guitar. This doesn't come across in the record, and makes the live performance a lot more exciting. His backing band are much the same. With a trio of drums, violin and bass, and Dev himself switching between guitars and piano, the album is fully fleshed out.

The band previewed 3 new songs: although he's still touring the new album, Dev has already finished the follow-up (an inclination of how much music he writes). The set began with 'Happy Birthday', a song similar in sound to Midnight Suprise, with some nice development: the song starts with frantic picking and then settles into a steady rhythm. These news songs help us to form an idea of how good he will eventually be- over the course of the tour, he has already become much more of a showman, and new musical skills are being picked up every day.

Lightspeed Champion- Happy Birthday (Live At Paradiso)
(Link 2)

Dev also reproduced the now famous cover of 'Heart In A Cage', which is all the more impressive live. It arrives half way through the 16 song set. Sat alone on the stage, he cuts a sharp profile, and more than matches Julian Casablancas for pathos.

The second new song was 'Marlene' a 'funky' number that a more upbeat backing and some different lyrical topics: 'stick a spoon into your heart, and eat away all your Deutschmarks. Your money don't mean a damn thing. I'm wearing everything I own... Stop being cool'. The song also features a crazy solo by Dev at the end: no joke, he shreds!

Lightspeed Champion- Marlene (Live At Paradiso) (Link 2)

'Madame Van Damme' is another song likely to find it's way onto his new album. I admit I wasn't as blown away by the lyrics of this song as the other new additions, but it's still likely to be a hit when put through the recording process; that was only the fourth time it had been played live. The guitars are very retro, and the refrain has Dev repeating 'kill me, baby wont you kill me'. I'm not going to post it just yet, and final judgment will have to wait until I get my hands on the album version.

The set is full of character; from their rendition of the Star Wars theme (amazing)- which was joined together with a certain 10 minute opus- to the quips between each song,

Lightspeed Champion- Star Wars Medley (Link 2)

During 'Midnight Surprise', their pre-encore song, the band went a little psycho, and the music suddenly stopped. The band looked around, confused: 'Oops, I think we just blew out the power! That, guys, is the power of rock music'. After a few seconds of repairs, the playing resumed, and the band got right back into their breakdown.

Lightspeed Champion didn't have anything to prove to me at this gig. As I've said and will keep on saying: they're on the cusp of huge things, and are going to make a difference, whether or not the general audience admits it. As a band, Lightspeed Champion have it all: versatility (switching between instruments), depth (in the lyrics), impact (Dev), talent and tunes. Now all they need is an audience big enough to appreciate that fact.

'Falling Off The Lavender Bridge' can be purchased at Amazon. Dev's blog is a great read, and his official Myspace often features free Lightspeed Champion downloads. Photos courtesy of Tonie. Visit Fabchannel to watch the concert!

Webbafied: The ball is rolling!

Webbafied- Can't Tell Me Nothing/Garbage (Link 2)
Webbafied- Phantom Part II (Link 2)

One of my favourite up and coming artists, Webbafied, has started to make some serious progress. I wrote a 'Definitive Justice' post a few months ago, and his tracks went to the top of the hype machine, as well as the post receiving a huge volume of hits and comments.

I know Webb has a load of great friends and we are all rooting for him: if you haven't downloaded it yet, 'Webbafied Does It Justice' is one of the best free releases of last year (yes, including 'In Rainbows'). He sent me an email update recently:

"So...my band mate Morgane invited me to the Release Party for ED REC VOL.3...LIVE in Paris, France...Of course I accepted the invite and got into party mode...assume of you may know, my latest project 'WebbaFied Does It Justice' is a cover of the Ed Banger Records Release 'Cross'

So it was a very good look for me to be in the house with these folks..hmmmm...Lemme rephrase that....not in the house..but ON THE BOAT...these dudes rented a boat for the party...it was nuts...we we're on La Seine at midnight when the Eiffel Tower lights up and shit..It was so ill!!!

Despite all the great scenery and extreme inebriation I had some promotional work to do...the first Person I polly'd with was DJ A TRAK...i don't know what the hell he was doing there but I'm glad I got to build with him...he was cool...talked about the buzz surrounding the Glow in The Dark tour...chatted about my project...and kept bumpin into each other for the rest of the night...It wasn't that big of a boat...oh...and his set was crazy...I got to build with DJ Medhi and he seemed impressed by the concept of the project...

I met both of the dudes from Justice...I hit one of them with a CD...He loved the idea of the project and assured me he would check it out...one of the dudes from Justice and Medhi did a set...and body'd it...the crowd was huddled around the DJbooth...it was funky as hell..it smelled like hot locker room and onions... Last but not least was Busy P...he was cool as hell...me and him kicked a lot throughout the night...I told him the details of the project and he was impressed with the fact that we didn't chop up their music...that I just rode it out as it was...he seemed genuinely interested in what i did...we had drinks..talked some shit....we really got it popping...he knew some of the people I came with so we were all just going in!! It was classic...
Left the boat at like 4:30am...got a crepe...hit the train...and hit the sack..."

Webbafied sent me some great photos: I'm pleased to see that he's making some serious progress. Visit Webbafied's Myspace and download his 'Hits Of The Year: Volume 1' and 'Webbafied Does It Justice' albums free. Now that Justice have a copy of his album I'm pretty sure things are going to get mental: more online exposure and some magazine interviews over the summer, no doubt. I can't wait!

Mammoth update: The best of the rest...

Some very scary and mind blowing events took place over the last few days. It has rapidly dawned on me that these next few weeks will be the end of an era. Just over a month today, I will be leaving school, and wont have anything to really work for any more. It's both exciting and frightening. Luckily, I've secured a brilliant placement for my gap year with IBM (in short- dream job), and have also lined up some work experience with a certain car manufacturer (a clue: initials AM) for summer 2009.

I had my first A2 exam yesterday: M1, or mechanics, something that I should really be good at considering its the basis of my degree (mechanical engineering). I thought it went well, and now I must get back to the pile of work/job stuff that is building up in my room.

Anyway, I must apologise for my lack of inspiration or originality lately: I'm right in the thick of exam revision, and compiling a mixtape or trawling through my inbox is proving a bit time-consuming. However, my mid-term break is coming up on Saturday, and I have nine days to do loads of work and infuse this blog with some much needed inventiveness.

Lupe Fiasco- The Coolest Vs. Let There Be Light (Justice Remix) (Link 2)
Lupe Fiasco- Lu Yourself (Link 2)

'Cross' and 'The Cool' were two of my favourite albums last year. I love Lupe Fiasco. I love Justice. Therefore nothing in the music world is as exciting as the prospect of Justice remixing the whole of Lupe's amazing second album. The above song is just the tip of the iceberg...

“I’m remixing the album with Justice, I’m gonna shout out to Justice”. It's comforting that the two outfits are working closely together, so the material can be treated with respect.

I've also included a Lupe rarity: Lupe is currently on the 'Glow In The Dark' tour, opening in front of N.E.R.D., Rihanna and Kanye West. Reviews have been varied: the general consensus is that Kanye's ego is growing a little too big even for a stage to accommodate (hence his solo performance... no backing singers etc.) and that Lupe Fiasco is a legend in the making. 'Lu Myslef' clarifies that fact: Lupe raps over Eminem's hit, exercising his huge lyrical wit:

"Since you don't have half the stance like an amputee, You don't have half the pants that it takes to command a family, a fan, or command a fee... So you will never get the ransom you demand from me! The goodnews' my foot's loose, my hands are free."


The Hold Steady- Sequestered In Memphis (Link 2)

A few days ago, The Hold Steady released their first single- 'Sequestered In Memphis'- from their forthcoming album 'Stay Positive'. This single shows no sign of progression, but really, do The Hold Steady need to change?

'Stay Positive' is more a message for the band than for their fans. They will need comforting when few people buy the album, regardless of the fact that they're one of the best bands making music at the moment.


Beck- Chemtrails (Link 2)

I haven't always been a Beck fan, 'Odelay' was the sound of undistilled talent, and a couple of tunes on his recent album were quite quirky. However, barring that, I don't agree with the view held by many of my contemporaries- that he is a genius.

'Chemtrails' highlights an eerie new direction; already miles away from the fun and games of 'Cellphones Dead'. The best way to describe this song would be 'ethereal': I felt like I was wading through it (in a good way). After a few plays it has done considerable work in bringing me over to the dark side.


Vampire Weekend- Campus (Rostam Batmanglij version) (Link 2)

Unreleased demos always cause a ruckus when they're set free: however, rarely are they superior to the studio version's. It's an interesting fact that in the recording process, 'Campus' has had something taken away from it. The strings arrangements on the album version are inferior, and the atmosphere of a uni campus on a summer's day is swiftly put across by the softer vocals.

And the most important thing this points out is that their self titled debut could have been even better. A scary thought.


Cool Stuff

1. If you weren't aware of Datpiff, head over there right now. It is far and away the best place to find up and coming hip hop, rap and RnB artists, and the great part is that all the music is free. I have rediscovered some great artists, and am getting into new ones (Wale's '100 Miles And Running'- Highly recommended).

2. Coldplay are the centrepiece of the new iTunes advert, and it's breathtaking. With the soundtrack of 'Viva La Vida', the band perform in marching band style, complete with Apple's tell tale visuals. 'Viva La Vida- Exclusive On iTunes'.

Cut Copy: Addictive

Cut Copy- Going Nowhere (SebastiAn Remix) (Link 2)
Cut Copy- Hearts On Fire (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) (Link 2)
Cut Copy- Lights And Music (Link 2)
Cut Copy- So Haunted (Link 2)

Someone told me it would happen. Within a few days of listening to Cut Copy, I would be unconditionally in love with their brand of electropop. And they were correct.

The real draw here is the fact that Cut Copy can re-package 80's new-wave into something with a more modern facade. 'In Ghost Colours', their second album, is almost perfect, and easily one of the top 10 records of 2008. As vocalist Dan Whiford said:

"The album is a lot more realized than the first one. I think all of us, when we think of the first one, we agree we sort of got half way there."

Visit Cut Copy's website for some nice bios and videos. Buy 'In Ghost Colours' here!

A Few Venial Sins

Wolf Parade- Call It A Ritual (Link 2)
Death Cab For Cutie- I Will Possess Your Heart (Link 2)
Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix) (Link 2)

A Few Venial Sins is a twice monthly e-zine, with contributions in the form of poetry, gig reviews, general music articles and random pieces about food, TV, and everything else in between.

It's the first time I have been asked to write for someone else, and I was honoured to write an article on 'difficult second album syndrome' for this new e-zine. I am sure The Cold Cut will always be here, but since I started writing my aims have become more ambitious. With record companies finally coming to terms with the importance of blogs as promotional outlets, there are many prospects that come with running a succesful blog- my inbox is bursting at the moment, and I love that feeling that I'm making a difference.

My aim is to begin to branch out and start to get my name out there, hopefully whilst continuing to maintain this blog (possibly with a little help from other contributors- drop me a line if you're interested). Below is an excerpt from the article: follow the link to read the rest:

"An interesting point arises when you consider the question: 'what is your definition of a sophomore slump?'. Obviously, the quality of an album is subjective. However, in some cases, the boundaries between people's opinions become so extreme that for every person hailing the album as a realisation of talent (A), there is another to condemn it as a 'piece of shit' (B). Generally, this translates into the fans (A), and the critics (B). An apt example of this is 'Room On Fire', the second album by The Strokes.

How do you follow up an album that pretty much spawned its own scene? And let us not forget the endless horde of identikit rivals waiting to fill the gaps like a musical poly-filler (and just about as exciting), who were conveniently there for critics to draw comparisons. 'Room On Fire' was not the answer the journalists were waiting for."

Make sure you check out my article, comment, spread the love and make sure you read some of the other great content whilst you're there.

Even MORE new Coldplay! And Kanye drops bombs with Lil' Wanye?

Okay, so my time this evening is limited (AQA Chemistry revision is dominating at the moment), but I wanted to be one of the first to let you guys know about these new tracks.

Coldplay- Lost (Link 2)
Coldplay- Life In Technicolour (Link 2)

Yes. Two more Coldplay tracks have leaked, weeks before 'Viva La Vida's release. 'Lost' is another brilliant track, although not quite as unexpected as 'Viva La Vida'. It's more reminiscent of their older work, with a piano driven chorus. 'Life In Technicolour' is supposedly the opening track: below is a low quality (not my work- I apologise for this) recording of the track- I thought you would be interested, regardless of quality.

'Viva La Vida' can be pre-ordered here.

Lil' Wayne- Lollipop (Official Remix Ft. Kanye West) (Link 2)

This is absolutely crazy. Bringing together two artists who haven't shared the same beat before is a nice touch, and makes the prospect of that 'Tha Carter III' collaboration worth waiting for. 'Lollipop' is a work-horse: that beat seems to fit every situation, and that factor alone justifies its reign at number 1.

Tune Alert... 'Everybody Nose' Remix, MSTRKRFT and Usher... Immuzikation 'Viva La Vida!'

Everybody Nose- CRS/Pusher T (Official Remix) (Link 2)

Oh yes. CRS have seriously proven themselves. Transforming a piece of coal into a diamond is a neat trick, and the strength of these three artists is unbelievable. 'Us Placers' was a brilliant piece of artistry, with a nice sample, good verses and, if this any indication, just a hint at what this trio is capable of.

In the hands of Child Rebel Soldier, N.E.R.D's 'Everybody Nose' takes on a new meaning, and a much darker disposition. The main thing this proves is that Pharrell is a much more formidable artist when coupled with Kanye and Lupe. Further to this, it's nice to see that the song's subtext actually involves cocaine, not waiting in queues at clubs, a fact which didn't come across in the original.

Usher- Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) (Link 2)
MSTRKRFT have also pulled one out of the bag, with a bottom heavy remix of Usher's 'Love In The Club'. A song like this should require a light touch, but MSTRKRFT have taken the opposite approach, bucking and beating the trend. This really proven their status as kings, transforming the originally slight track into something far more weighty.

Fish Tacos- Immuzikation Blend (Link 2)

This guy is a machine. Every email from Alfredo Lapuz Jr. starts with 'just got back from work, and put this together'. If that's the case, then he's a genius, gluing together random songs to create something entirely original. If you don't believe me, check out 'Fish Tacos', effectively a remix of 'Viva La Vida' blending in Weezer, Cut Copy, The Blow, M.I.A. and Reading Rainbow. I wasn't won over by the prospect of that many songs stuffed into one track, but this is the sign of a true master. He pulls it off effortlessly.

Visit Immuzikation's Myspace.

The New Wave Of Music: Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

I must apologise for not being able to reply to your comments: it's out of my hands. My school has blocked my blog, for some ridiculous reason, apparently 'pornography', or so the filter says. Anyway, I can't see, read, or comment on my blog: I am solely limited to posting and reading your comments through my email account. Anyway, there has been so much unbelievably catchy and amazing music recently, so here's me scratching the surface. If anything goes drastically wrong, be sure to let me know.

Regardless, I can continue to blog, so here is a comprehensive list of the great music released over the last few months.

Discuss: Can you name the best new band at the moment?

Coldplay- Viva La Vida (Link 2)
My faith is restored. Coldplay have really outdone themselves here: 'Viva La Vida' is superior to 'Violet Hill' in every respect, even on the first spin... and who knows how dear it could become many more plays? Epic strings, no audible piano, and a sound that wouldn't fit anywhere smaller than a stadium. This is the 'new' version of Coldplay I was expecting.

The National- Mansion On The Hill (Live Bruce Springsteen Cover) (Link 2)
In my honest opinion, The National are one of the best American bands out there. 'Boxer' and 'Alligator' are work-horses, giving and giving, and I've been waiting for a new track for ages. This more than justifies the wait, even if it is a cover...

Phantom Planet- Raise The Dead (Link 2)
Phantom Planet- Do The Panic (Link 2)
Wow... Now this, I really wasn't expecting. Remember 'California'? Of course you do... well, it seems in the time between the O.C.'s expiration and the present, Phantom Planet have been busy. Busy rebuilding their image, that is, from a teen pop group into an Americanised Arcade Fire. This is a much more mature and developed packaged than they previously offered.

Madonna- Miles Away (Link 2)
I've said more than enough about Madonna...

Busta Rhymes- We Made It (Ft. Linkin Park) (Link 2)
Busta Rhymes- Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em') (Link 2)
Busta Rhymes always works best when backed up by a wacky, overblown beat. Surprisingly, he eschews that route here, instead opting to blend rock and hip hop. Sounds rubbish, doesn't it? Sometimes, the most grating of combinations produce miracles (see DNA- hint 'keeping it in the family').

His other track- 'Don't Touch Me'...-is classic Busta- balls to the wall, high octane verses, with barely time to breath. And in true fashion, he really pulls it off.

The Ting Tings- Shut Up And Let Me Go (Link 2)
How time flies. Last time I posted about these guys, they were just getting off the ground after releasing 'Great DJ'. And now, they going stellar, after Apple featured them in their new iPod adverts. A little face might be saved by the fact that the song used- 'Shut Up And Let Me Go'- isn't their best, and thus they will always have a crowd pleaser ('That's Not My Name') for the end of their sets that hasn't been 'played to death'.

Weezer- Pork And Beans (Link 2)
Okay, so I'm a few weeks late on this one, but sometimes I can't go without posting a good track. Classic Weezer, plain and simple.

Santogold- I'm A Lady (Link 2)
Santogold- Say Aha (Link 2)
Santogold really crept up on me. To be honest, I didn't give her the time of day, until I saw her album art. For some strange reason, that gold sprinkle effect triggered a fond memory of my childhood and I was instantly won over. Simply put, Santogold is doing for rock and dub what M.I.A. did for hip hop and dancehall, blending cultures, styles and genres into a accesible music.

Metro Station- Shake It (Link 2)
The first time I heard this, I found myself retching at the cheesiness. However, as I walked away from my room, the chorus: 'Shake, shake, shake, shake... I shake it' played over and over in my mind. Really, though, Metro Station need to work out who they are- cheesy American poppers or something a little bit deeper? My money is on the latter; a rebranding (and re-titling- terrible) could be in order.

Lil' Wayne- A Millie (Link 2)
A new TV advertisement proclaims Lil' Wayne as 'the most controversial man in America'. I sincerely doubt this, but you cannot knock him for his cojones. His new album, 'Tha Carter III' is widely expected to be an opus, led comfortably by his first number 1 single, 'Lollipop'. Genius artwork, too- Wayne mimics both Notorious B.I.G. and Nas by using a baby photo as his album cover (a metaphor Wayne? Deep...). We all know Wayne thinks he's great, but soon, we might just have proof.

Glossy new Oasis demos... and a slamming?

Okay, so I've been on the receiving end of a couple of harsh comments comments over the last few days, most of which were justified. I'm not here to whine- I realise that my page is read by progressively more people, but when you get comments nitpicking particular words in a sentence, its hard to know what to do. I agree that I am not always up to my best (especially recently), and I'm not going to make excuses (uh.. exams?), but I just thought you should know that I'm trying my best to maintain high standards for this blog.

To be honest, all I'm trying to say is that it would be nice if the regular readers of this blog commented on some of the good stuff, and forged a relationship, rather than only leaving anonymous comments outlining how I am inevitably wrong (we all are, at some point). I did ask for feedback with my Coldplay remix, and I appreciate and will take on board all your comments. On my Arctic Monkeys post, however, I had a series of comments concerning my grammar (which was right), and my view point. Just to clarify, I never stated that I thought Arctic Monkeys were a one hit wonder. Some people did, however, and I addressed that.

Anyway, here are some new Oasis demo's. I'm going be diplomatic, and sit on the fence here: I don't think Oasis are 'the best band ever', nor do I think that they 'haven't been relevant for 10 years' (quoted from the font of all knowledge *sic*: NME). Instead of taking this approach, just take the tracks for what they are. Would you be listening if this wasn't Oasis? I would.

What's your verdict?

Oasis- Nothin' On Me (Link 2)
Oasis- Stop The Clocks (Link 2)
Oasis- I Wanna Live In A Dream (In My Record Machine) (Link 2)

My First Remix...

Coldplay- Violet Hill (Cold Cut Remix) (Link 2)

Just thought I would share something with you: I was messing around with the new Coldplay single earlier on Garage Band, and my doodling turned into a remix of sorts. It's just about good enough to post (aka not totally rubbish), so please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Music is, in my opinion at least, designed to be open to interpretation. Therefore I decided to try my hand at the old remixing, and I can assure you, it's a lot harder than it seems. I wasn't a huge fan of this single when it was released, but it's a definite grower. In my remix I hope I have brought out some of the more important aspects of the song: its maritime connection, a little more power in the lower end of the spectrum- bass in particular. There are a couple of cool tricks that I picked up today- inversion, reversing etc.- which have found their way into the remix.

Anyway, I have to say I really enjoyed the process- having a Mac is brilliant, but the utility is wasted if you don't learn how to fully use the programs. This remix has pretty much taught me how to use Garage Band in a few hours. I hope you enjoy it, and leave comments- I'll be able to put your tips into practice next time I decide to remix a song.

Discuss: Best computing program for remixing?

New Arctic Monkeys? Want Some?

A few weeks ago the Arctic Monkeys officially announced that they would be moving back to the studio this summer to record their third album.

With this news came heaps of speculation, and already new songs are starting to appear. The first, 'Sandtrap', is a 2 minute live version, currently used as the introduction to 'This House Is A Circus'. Other new material includes 'The Fire and the Thud' and 'The Lovers' 'Put Me in a Terror Pocket', all of which are available for download below. The songs are either acoustic or live versions.

The third album will be an interesting one. For me, their talent was never in question, but *line removed due to popular demand*. And now, with the confidence issues behind them, the Arctic Monkeys sound as if they want to experiment. The band claim they have 6 demos recorded, all of which will probably find their way on to the new album.

Arctic Monkeys- Sandtrap
(Link 2)
Arctic Monkeys- Put Me In A Terror Pocket (Link 2)
Arctic Monkeys- The Lovers (Link 2)
Arctic Monkeys- The Fire And The Thud (Link 2)

Albums by the Arctic Monkeys can be purchased here.