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The Arcade Fire- Neon Bible Review

I was recently given a copy of the new Arcade Fire album, Neon Bible. They weren't particularly big before, despite having an excellent first album (Funeral), and after giving the best performance last year at Glastonbury. Anyway, they couldn't have followed it up in a better fashion: Neon Bible is different from the first album, in the fact that it is bigger, louder and better.

The album begins with "Black Mirror", a song which reminds us of their roots in Quebec: "un, deux, trois, le miroir noir", and builds up to "Keep The Car Running" which in my opinion, is the best song on this album... this band is unique; in their live performances, there is said to be no less than 11 people on stage at a time, and by the sounds of things, this carries through to their recorded stuff too. "Intervention", another key track, begins with an epic organ riff: sources said the band have learnt instruments such as the organ and lyre to create the sound they wanted to achieve, and it really works. Another key element of this album is the vastly improved voice of the frontman, Win Butler, which is heard in the quiter songs such as "Neon Bible". On the next song, "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations", his wife Regine Chassagne takes the lead; it is a credit to the band that there is not a member who falters in their contribution to this album.

Personally, one of my favourite tracks on this album is "No Cars Go"... this was a previous B-side which has been re-tooled for Neon Bible at the last minute. The fact that the band was going to discard such a track gives and idea of the quality of the music they create. In conclusion, I give this album 9 out of 10.