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David Blaine thinks he's a GOD?

David Blaine markets himself as the herald of his generation. He even has the audacity to compare himself to Jesus... but just wait a minute; if i remember correctly, Jesus didn't live in an oversized nappy for 5 weeks whilst being tempted in the desert; when Blaine did the 'Above the Below' stunt over the Thames, he lived in a perspex box for 44 days without any food. It was pretty spectacular, but Blaine had a constant supply of water and had been stockpiling food for weeks before the event, so I think it is unfair to compare this to the Temptation of Christ.

I find it really disturbing that he wants to compare himself to Christ- it is obvious to the public that he is very talented, but why does he find the need to draw parallels between a character who may or may not be fictional? He is an excellent magician, but i think his career may be cut short by these tests; he has been hospitalised many times; in his most recent stunt, Blaine lived in a water-filled sphere for 7 days with regulated oxygen before attempting to break the world record for holding your breath. To make things worse, this was done whilst he was trying to escape from chains, and needless to say, he fell short by a minute. Afterwards, doctors said that areas of skin on his body were dying, he had liver failure and considerable brain damage!

But this obviously didn't deter him; he said he wanted to have another go at the record, and undertook another task recently called Revolution. I just think he should go back to the basics: he is a talented street magician, but this obviously isn't enough for him. I find it quite hard to take him seriously anymore; he has something to prove, but I just find myself laughing at his 'miracles'. I don't know how other people respond to his stunts, please comment....