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The musings of a teenage audiophile. Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Dubstep, Garage, Metal... music crosses all boundaries. The Cold Cut is devoted to giving you a taste of what's going on in music at the moment.

About Me

A 17 year old taking his first tentative steps into the world of blogging. In my first year, its been up and down, from the slow first months to a busy time around the one year anniversary.

The Death Of Myspace

Myspace is dying.... come on, admit it. How many of you out there actually use it any more? Gone are the days when you weren't a succesful band unless you had a myspace page with more than a million plays. Sure, some bands still use it, but as a social networking tool, it is inferior. Many people use facebook, bebo, hi5. My personal favourite is facebook: the happiness i had from finding friends who i haven't thought about in years was amazing. And it was all so easy.

Facebook is superior because of all the wierd groups you can join, and the photo tagging feature. Anyway.... follow this link to join: www.facebook.com

One last question: who uses myspace, and who uses facebook. I want to hear your views if your with me or against me.....