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Second Life... Why not get a first one?

Second Life is a internet based virtual-world which is the latest 'craze': since its creation in 2004 by Linden Lab, 5 million people have registered and created avatars of themselves, all of which can be customised to look like the user. There are many other things to do in Second Life, but everything costs money. This is an issue.... whenever there is a cost element to something (games in particular), there is likely to be violence. How else can you explain the deaths there have been in Hong Kong because someone has not received the virtual sword they payed for?

I don't think there have been many issues so far with Second Life, and the whole concept seems quite appealing. The only problem is that most people who are members of Second Life don't have any aims: they just wander around, spending their valuable Linden Dollars (350 to each American Dollar). I don't mind those who are making money out of Second Life, such as Anshe Chung (the first Second Life millionaire), but there are many people out there who see Second Life as an alternative to reality. Its really sad that this is the way it is, but many people find it easier to communicate under the guise of an avatar, as they can change the way it looks. Even more so, Linden Lab is making huge amounts of money out of these people, as the registration fee and land prices in Second Life keep rise daily.

I hope you can see that it is ridiculous when a virtual world such as Second Life can have a higher GDP ($600 million) than some small countries. If anyone out there uses it or is interested, I would like to hear about why you use it, and why it appeals to you.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Experience the future of entertainment




    The return of BUDDAHEAD


    The Canal Room, NYC
    And Streamed Live At
    Morpheum Island, Second Life

    May 10th

    A special live concert that is simulcast in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. The Second Life experience will also be simulcast back to The Canal Room creating a hyper mediated experience.

    There is a fine line between physical existence and virtual existence…or is there?

    Adam Broitman, founder of Virtualive.tv, has spent the last year as a resident of the online world Second Life. In his first life, Adam is the Director of Emerging and Creative Strategy at Morpheus Media. He is responsible for keeping his finger on the pulse of emerging and social media and provides strategies for his clients that leverage these channels. In Second Life he is Mockben Hegel, and in this persona has traveled the online world looking for the latest greatest thing to do. After seeing over 100 online ‘concerts’ as Hegel, Adam just wasn’t satisfied with the experience and while finding them interesting they were all stylistically limited. Adam, never known to sit still in either of his lives set out to perfect the Second Life Concert going experience.

    Enter co-worker Raman Kia, also a person with more than one life. Raman happens to be Buddahead, born in Iran, where learning piano offered a respite from the harsh drumbeat of daily violence. Kia fled the country while still a boy, and studied in England before eventually settling in New York City. It was there that Leona Naess nicknamed him Buddahead, and his lush adult alternative sound began to take shape. This lead to a record deal and extensive touring before coming back to NY to record his next album.

    They then enlisted Nexeus Fatale (Second Life DJ Extraordinaire) and the Vesuvius Group. Nexeus has been featured on media outlets such as CBS as the Second Life DJ. He currently spins parties for “The L Word” Second Life as well as many of his own parties. The Vesuvius Group, who reside around the world have helped bring the dream of Virtualive.tv to fruition proving that the world is indeed flat.

    Along with the design prowess of Joe Szala of Vigor Graphics and Design and the technical skills of Stas Lipovetskiy the team was complete.

    Together they realized that they had the ingredients to make something totally ground breaking. Adam and team went to work building a Second Life club and Raman finished writing his new record and began getting his band together to fill the space with a vibe only Buddahead could bring. The event will be at New York City’s Canal Room – one of the first venues in the city to be wired with high-speed access. When Buddahead takes the stage the music and band members will be streamed in real time to The Morpheum Sim in second life for the Second Life world to enjoy. Of course this wasn’t enough for a hard core Second Lifer like Adam. How could he miss his creation in Second Life since he had to be at The Canal Room managing the event? His Eureka! moment included streaming the Second Life concert BACK to The Canal Room basically mixing the two crowds via big screens placed around the venue. And who else to bring them all together but the sounds of Buddahead?

    The Canal Room &
    The Morpheum Sim, Second Life
    May 10th 2007, 8:00 PM,
    285 West Broadway, NYC, NY 10013
    8:00 PM: Doors Open
    8:30 PM: Event hosted by Ray Ellin
    • Ray Ellin ! From Latin Kings of Comedy, Comic Strip Live or the recently re-launched Daily Comedy
    • Shock Radar performs at 9 PM
    • Buddahead performs at 10 PM

    # # #

    For more information visit:
    www.virtualive.tv or myspace.com/virtualive

  2. Will said...

    It looks as if there is now live music on Second Life. Thats pretty cool, i have to admit, though as a devoted music-follower, i doubt it could compare to the real thing....

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