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A 17 year old taking his first tentative steps into the world of blogging. In my first year, its been up and down, from the slow first months to a busy time around the one year anniversary.

Breaking news: Dev Hynes can actually sing!

A wave of sadness/joy was felt when Test Icicles broke up last year, shortly after releasing their first album, For Screening Purposes Only. Made up of three young guys by the names of Rory Atwell, Sam Mehran and Dev Hynes, the latter of whom has started his own solo-project in wake of their breakup. Lightspeed Champion, his latest creative output, is a completely different ball game to Test Icicles; whereas they spliced together genres (rapcore, punk-pop etc...) into a mess which only vaguely resembles music, Lightspeed Champion is all about Dev Hynes distancing himself from the chaotic punk band that whilst good, wasn't very commercial. Take his first single Galaxy Of The Lost for example; I was pretty shocked the first time I heard it, because it turns out Dev's got a great voice. Listen to the Test Icicles tracks below and you will no doubt realise that his musical talents didn't exactly come across in their music. So what a surprise then when Dev breaks out some slide guitar and harmonies in his first single! Its really great to see someone mix it up so much, and I think his strategy should pay off- he's been on TV a lot over the last couple of weeks and his live performances are going down a treat. Now we just have the ever-excruciating wait for his new album, currently untitled, to see if he can produce an album of songs of equally good quality. If by some miracle you read this: Good luck Dev, and I look forward to the new album!

Lightspeed Champion- Galaxy Of The Lost
Lightspeed Champion- Mr Fisk (Live on BBC 6 music)
Test Icicles- Circle Square Triangle
Test Icicles- What's Your Damage?

This is the video for Galaxy Of The Lost- pretty weird huh? Check out his myspace...


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