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Daft Punk- Alive 2007 Review

Rating: 'That't Hot!'
I've never been lucky enough to see them myself, but I'm told that their live shows are nothing short of sensational. After seeing them at the 02 Wireless Festival in London last year, my brother told me (in a tired voice) that they were one of the best acts he's ever seen. Whether he still feels that way remains to be seen, but that Daft Punk can have such an impact over one performance says something about them.

It was, with great fascination, then, that I picked up the new Daft Punk live album, 'Alive 2007', the first Daft Punk branded CD (other than mix album Musique) since the disappointing 'Human After All' in 2005. And don't even mention 'Electroma' the duo's first foray into film, which was met with mixed reviews: not surprising considering the plot, which concerns two robots'- essentially Daft Punk's- quest to become human, a la 'Human After All'. Stop wasting your time on films and make some more music!

I was hoping that this album would give me a small picture of what a Daft Punk performance is like, but I got way more than I bargained for. First off, this album is not just a spin-off to keep the die-hard fans happy- its a solid album which stands up on its own, and unless you've seen them live, you will never have heard Daft Punk in this way before. Listening to 'Homework' and 'Discovery' is all good, as they are both excellent albums, but 'Alive 2007' takes Daft Punk to a whole new level. The main difference is the way the music is performed- the 'Alive' set contains all the hits, blended together masterfully into a non-stop mash-up of all their best material, and the set doesn't let up once throughout their (give or take) hour long performance. After seeing Justice at Lowlands 2007, its easy for me (and any other Justice fans) to see where they get their live cues from. Another thing this live album has going for it is the great sound quality: you are able to witness the full Daft Punk sound in all its glory. You can hear the crowd going insane (at the Palais Omnisport, where this was recorded), which is a nice touch, but the quality of the music is untouched. The blending of the songs is such that I actually prefer some of the versions on this album to the originals. Take the 'Too Long- Steam Machine' mix- 'Steam Machine' is a pretty boring song on its lonesome, but when joined with 'Too Long' it becomes one of my favourites on this album.

Daft Punk are special, and I don't believe that Justice will ever measure up to their greatness. There is a lot of intrigue surrounding the two: from their names (the ludicrous Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) to their robot suits and their day-glo pyramid-enhanced live shows, the mystery surrounding this band has always been one of their calling cards.

I now have another band to add to my ever-increasing list of must-see acts. Has anybody seen them recently? Were any of you lucky enough to be at the O2 Wireless festival? Alive 2007 is one of the best live albums I've heard, and its a good representation of why Daft Punk are still the most popular dance act in the world. Whilst on that topic, I think its right to mention that Daft Punk's music transcended the dance genre a while ago. Maybe thats why they're so bloody amazing...

Daft Punk- Robot Rock/Oh Yeah
Daft Punk- Too Long/Steam Machine
Daft Punk- One More Time/Aerodynamic

'Alive 2007' can be bought here. Discovery and Homework can be purchased here.


  1. Tyler said...

    Man, all that you said in that block of text was unbeleivably true.
    *Clap Clap*
    I Just downloaded the album and it is INSANE!!!!!!!

  2. Will said...

    Thanks a lot. Its nice to know that you fully agree with what I said. I stand by the fact that this appears to be one of the best live sets ever. If it can evoke these kind of responses on a CD, then imagine what actually being there would be like!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Seen them at Pukkelpop in Belgium 2 years ago I think: AMAZING!!!! Saw them in 1997 or so at Torhout and they rocked over there too!!!

  4. Dylan M said...

    unfortunately the CD is a small picture of the actual live experience. Can't be described in words. The sound was actually more clear than it appears on the CD. I am one of the few who have seen two separate performance, and I think it's safe to say that Alive 2007 was my favorite part of life thus far.

  5. Lim said...

    Daft Punk will not fall no matter what happens (except when they are dead , but they will be legends)

    THEY RULE!!!!!!

    Like your opinion though.

  6. Chris B said...

    I have still yet to see Daft Punk live in concert but I have listened to their Alive album released on November 17, 2007 multiple times. Thus far, this CD has been the closest I have become to listening to a live performance of Daft Punk. This is album is so well done I could almost imagine what it would be like at a show just by listening to the CD. After learning about the history of technosonic music, I personally feel that Daft Punk had taking technosonic music to a much higher level.
    In this album, Daft Punk strays from Pierre Schaffer’s Musique Concrete, which involves composing songs from samples and making metaphors of everyday sounds. Instead, I feel Daft Punk album alive has brought a new meaning to Electronische Muzik by developing new electronic sounds never heard before. In order to produce this album Daft used Ableton Live software on custom-made super-computers.
    All electronic music started live and I feel it is best when it is performed live. After watching youtube clips of Daft Punk, it is not just their advancement in the lighting shows that makes them so popular but their advances in technology. One of the biggest advancement in the history of electronic was the tape recorder developed by Frankfurt in 1945. The use of samples store on tape allowed composer’s to bring new techniques into their music such as cutting, looping of sounds, signal degeneration, and artificial echo. Daft punk now uses the same concept but of higher technology such as Behringer BCR2000 Midi Controllers and Minimoog Voyager RME which allow Daft to also mix, shuffle, distort samples, transpose or destroy and deconstruct synth lines.
    After listening to this album my favorite song of the French group Daft Punk is easily the Grammy award winning Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Not only is this a great song to tear up the dance floor with but it’s combinations of segment’s from the songs “around the world”, “steam machine”, and “television rules the Nations” flow very well synchronize really well together.
    One technique I noticed after listening through this entire album is that the songs tend to have similar sounds throughout each individual track. Certain sounds seem to echo in and out in an ongoing form through the whole. Personally, this album was almost like a story, which does not surprise me, why their live performances are very theatrical. I felt that songs and sounds from their album “Human after All” released in 2005 had definitely influenced this album Alive. The reason being that I have defiantly noticed a similar sound in the “Human after All” album that occurred in the “Alive” album but in a brand new and more improved way. Almost a rebirth of the sounds occurred in this album in a new and fresher way. All in all for a guy that has never seen a daft punk concert live, listening to the album “Alive” brought me closer to a live performance more than any other album I have ever listened to.

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