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Lupe Fiasco: The Cool Review (Track By Track)

Rating: Red Hot

Don't ask me how I know this, but Lupe Fiasco's sophomore album, 'The Cool', is killer, meeting my 'sky's the limit' expectations following his brilliant debut, 'Food And Liquor'. Not content producing a bog-standard rap album, Lupe has tread into dangerous territory by recording a concept album (yes, a rap concept album!). Thankfully, he emerges untouched on the other side, and even with a few more strings to his bow. Not only does Lupe outclass his peers on their ground- in terms of beats- he repeatedly demonstrates that he possesses a keen eye for a good rhyme, producing unbelievably brilliant metaphors from his bag of tricks. We, the fans, can only hope that Lupe receives the credit he deserves second time around, and finally becomes recognized as the modern savior of hip hop/rap.

When rap started off, the focus lay on the lyrics, and yet over the years personality has been slowly sucked out of this genre, and what we are left with is a group of bland,(mostly) untalented people who drop "rhymes" about their money, girls and cars. Thankfully, these are exactly the things Lupe attacks on 'Dumb It Down', establishing himself as a variation on this theme. This album is a breath of fresh air in a genre dominated by glamour and money, both of which Lupe is privy to, despite not having sold his soul by producing identikit rap. This album is almost a statement of war: both against the majority of other artists in this genre and bootleggers. If I remember correctly, 'Food And Liquor' leaked a full 6 months before it was released in September 2006. Second time around, Lupe has been more careful, but he still hasn't completely stamped out leaks; tracks from 'The Cool' have been around for a couple of months now.

Lupe album's are different in that they challenge you, just as music should. And that's just what is missing in rap nowadays. Out of the current rappers, most of the ones I rate have been around for a while: Nas, Common, Wu-Tang Clan and Talib Kweli, who focus on the lyrical content of a song, and let the beats come as a bonus. It doesn't take a genius to work out what Fiddy is talking about when he says:
"She know's just how to move to seduce you
She gone do the right thing and touch the right spot
Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop"
A world away from this, on the other hand, lies Lupe, who crafts songs that unfold after each listening. Every time I hear the album I decipher a new rhyme, and there are many that I still don't understand... 'The Cool' is chock full of pop culture and rap references, almost like a puzzle that is waiting to be solved. It actually hurts to think about how he comes up with some of the stuff on this album, and after two intelligently executed albums there can be no doubting that Fiasco is a pretty smart guy.

In his sophomore effort, Lupe adopts a darker tone than 'Food And Liquor", and Fiasco has obviously vented his emotions over a tough few months directly into this album:
Complex Magazine- "So would you say that this album is darker than your first?"
Lupe Fiasco- "Oh yeah, it's much darker just on the strength of the situation that I'm in, in life right now is kind of a happy period. It's a lot of success but it came with a lot of sacrifice and having my pops pass away and just recently having an aunty pass away and then having a friend pass away, Stack Bundles, a rapper in New York who got murdered out here and then to also have my partner get locked up, to get 44 years, all that stuff came along with the situation. It made the setting for me a more darker because I'm a little bit sad."

'The Cool' gets of to a relatively slow start with 'Baba Says Cool For Thought'. We are welcomed to Lupe's world by the familiar voice of Iesha Jaco, who replicates the 'Intro' on 'Food And Liquor', a cool theme which Lupe has stuck with, finishing with impact:
"Freeze- cause the problem is we think its cool too.
Check your ingredients, before you overdose on The Cool."

'Free Chilly (ft. Sarah Green & Gemstones)' doesn't have a lot of good things to its name: at this point I found myself waiting for the album to kick off, and we are deprived of Lupe for this one minute song. I'm not quite sure I understand the point of an interlude before the album has started. But hey, its got some great soulful singing by Sarah Green and Gemstones... unfortunately, they aren't who I paid to hear.

'Go Go Gadget Flow', despite possessing a popular sample (from Go Go Gadget) and a repetitive hook, kicks off the album on Lupe's terms. He switches up the flow: I'd never heard him rap this fast, and its a refreshing change. The beat is solid, Lupe is on point, and whilst its not the intro I was expecting, this song still kills most of competition. Lupe's rhymes are ridiculous, and he almost out-Twista's Twista...

After track three, things start to get interesting, and you are hit by a barrage of truly brilliant songs.

'The Coolest' is where the concept comes into the equation. Lupe fans will remember 'The Cool' off 'Food And Liquor', which told the story of The Game, The Cool and The Streets. This is a direct continuation of that story, with parts of the dark tale coming to a close over this album (see here for a full explanation). I absolutely love this song (42 plays on iTunes and counting): my fave rap/hip hop song of the year.

'Superstar (ft. Matthew Santos)'- We've all heard this one by now, and its really growing on me. Relative unknown Matthew Santos should replace Chris Martin as rap's male vocal go-to-guy (after the horrendous 'Beach Chair' with Jay-Z and the passable 'Homecoming' with Kanye). Boldly, Lupe has obviously chosen him to sing all male vocals on this album, which is a good move IMO. The combination works well...

'Paris/Tokyo' is textbook Lupe, with a catchy beat, brilliant chorus, great flow on Lupe's part and solid production by Soundtrakk. This is a potential second single, which I could see doing well on the charts due to its crossover potential. Ace.

'Hi-Definition (ft. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear)'- I've heard a lot about this one, but I really wasn't blown away by it. There is almost too much packed into 4 minutes: Lupe, Snoop Dogg, Pooh Bear, samples from Common, synths and heavy beats. Snoop Dogg slots in an amazing verse, but there's something grating about the overall sound of this song. And as good as Snoop is, Lupe still walks all over him. A possible mis-step, but disaster is averted through the sheer awesomeness of Lupe and Snoop's rhymes.

'Gold Watch'- Dominated by a sample which threatens to drown out everything. Has enough bass and instrumental to save the day once again. The subject matter is sensitive, concerning the effect of fame. A little less volume on the sample, and this would have been brilliant- how could something so easily altered get past post-production? This and Hi-Definition are the two weakest tracks on 'The Cool'- from here on it's plain sailing.

'Hip Hop Saved My Life (ft. Nikki Jean)'- The story of Michael Young History, a rapper from Houston, Texas. A strong vocal contribution by Nikki Jean (a Fergie sound-a-like) and the most commendable piano instrumental (it turns up quite a lot on 'The Cool'). Lupe is dependable as ever, telling Michael Young History's (=My Cool Young History) story:
"Reps north side so he rocks them braids,
1100 friends on his MySpace page,
stack that cheese got 700 plays,
producer made him take it down, said he had to pay"

'Intruder Alert (ft. Sarah Green)'- A really ominous song about the outcasts of society, and those with some serious issues. Someone give Sarah Green a solo album already.

'Streets On Fire'- I can't do this one justice: you have got to listen to it to understand how Lupe owns this song. Get over to MTV now to listen!

'Little Weapon (ft. Nikki Jean)'- Produced by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, this was a very pleasant surprise. To start with, a slow-mo voice over, with some gothic chanting, had me worried that Stump had gone all emo on Lupe. What comes next, then, completely blew me away. The beat on this track is unbelievably new and unfamiliar, with a catchy snare and vocal hook. The originality of this rock-influenced track is a blessing, and its one of my favourite tracks on 'The Cool'.

'Gotta Eat'- A song from the perspective of a cheeseburger. Again, intriguingly fresh, this song works due to its creativity, a general theme on 'The Cool'.

'Dumb It Down'- This song is the most complete display of Lupe's lyrical abilities thus far. He absolutely trashes it:
"'I'm flying on Pegasus you're flying on the pheasant
Writer of the white powder
Picker of the fire flowers
Spit hot fire like Dylon on Chapelle's skit"
Check out a more complete review of this song here

'Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)'- Another rock-rap song, produced by UNKLE, who does a great job with the instrumental. This is a really gritty song, and is one of the darker on this album. A tune in the mold of 'Little Weapon'.

'The Die'- Gemstones really compliments this track with his Twista-esque rapping. A continuation of the story, with a little interlude ending. Listen carefully to the radio, and you will hear 'The Cool' from Food And Liquor' playing in the background. The song ends with gunshots. On a Lupe record? Thats a new one, but its a concept album after all, and from here on the album tends towards the darker end of the musical spectrum.

'Put You On Game'- Sinister is the name, a classic track is the game. Lupe invades 90's rap tradition on this song, harking back to the old Wu Tang albums, and emulating their grimy sound. Its a valiant effort, and he pulls off the new (or should I say old?) sound.

'Fighters (ft. Matthew Santos)'- The end is in sight, and things begin to slow down, aided by Santos' melancholy vocals (which just get better and better, by the way). Lupe reveals a devoted fan's blog address at the end of the song: check it out- http://www.lupethefiasco.blogspot.com/

'Go Baby'- A bit cheesy, but a jubilant ending it most definitely is. Lupe signs off with a cheer, and we are left astounded by the greatness of this album. Hip Hop/Rap album of the year, hands down (pipping 'American Gangster' to the post).

There are two occasions when the brilliance of this album is almost shattered: 'Hi-Definition' and 'Gold Watch'. Catastrophe is averted, however, and this is mainly down to Lupe himself. Convincingly pulling of a concept album is unbelievably difficult, but Lupe has succeeded in this endeavor and rewarded with a brilliantly fresh rap album, with some unassuming rap songs and interesting stories to boot.

You can listen to 'The Cool' in full here: what do you think? A good follow up? Or has Lupe dropped the ball second time around? Oh yeah- don't let history repeat itself... buy this record when it comes out and support Lupe. Get him on top of the Billboard chart. No tracks, as I don't want to spoil Lupe's chances this time around. Here's an old gem though, to keep you ticking over until you buy 'The Cool'.

Lupe Fiasco- Cold Blooded

Lupe Fiasco is a talent to watch- at the age of 25 he already possesses far more lyrical prowess than most of the other members of this genre. He is unique, bucking the trend at each and every turn. On 'The Cool', he really has something to say, and delivers on the promise of 'Food And Liquor'. It's a shame that he's retiring after his next album, LupEND; hopefully he'll pull a Jay-Z on us. This album is a masterclass in lyrical skills, and Lupe's peers could do worse than take a leaf out of his book, and write about something meaningful. Somehow, coming this late in the year, 'The Cool' has already found its way into my top 10, even before its release. There is an unprecedented amount of variety on this album, and everyone is bound to find many things that they like. 'The Cool' is a masterpiece, and I hope you all buy it when it hits on the 18th.

Nas made the claim that 'Hip Hop Is Dead'. Well, it may have been, but Lupe has most definitely brought it back to life.


  1. Roshan said...

    great review, but matthew santos is NOT as good as chris martin, and beach chair is an incredible song in my opinion. to each his own, though.

  2. Will said...

    Fair play. I love Coldplay and all that, but something about Beach Chair and Homecoming just doesn't sit right with me. I think its the bouncy piano riffs.

    Cheers for the props.

  3. Chris said...

    Good review. But "Hip Hop Saved My Life" has nothing to do with The Cool storyline or Michael Young History.

  4. Will said...

    Really? I read somewhere (can't remember off the top of my head- I know, useless, right?) that it was about the good and the bad things in his life. I'm sure its about a Houston based rapper anyways. Whether or not that rapper is Michael Young History is open to interpretation, although after a couple of listens it appears you are right.

    Cheers for the nice comments. ..

  5. JP said...

    Nice review, can't wait for the album. But what's with the Chris Martin hate? Homecoming was good, though admittedly one of the weaker tracks on Graduation...and Beach Chair is amazing, one of my favorite songs of all time (Martin not only did vocals but produced it, too). I disliked Santos on Food&Liquor but didn't mind him on Superstar, and I haven't heard his other tracks on this album yet. But from what I've heard, he's not even on Martin's level yet.

  6. Will said...

    I don't hate him, I just think he should stick to what he does best. Santos just seems to get better and better: his voice is a tad annoying on Superstar but on the other songs he is pretty good.

    Cheers for the comments...

  7. Micah said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Micah said...

    Just something that you should clarify - Lupethefiasco.blogspot is not HIS blog, it's just a fan blog that got a shout out - and you posted a comment over there so you should have been able to figure that one out.

    I really like Gold Watch. The sample is actually pretty awesome. It's well crafted into the beat, and Lupe doesn't let it's power stop him. In terms of Post Production on that track, it only seems like the first verse gets drowned out, the rest I can hear loud and clear (and I'm listening off iPod headphones that have been blown out for a few years).

    Lupe is amazing when it comes to crafting his lyrics. To me though, it really doesn't sound like a Lupe album-compared to his Fahrenheits and FL... but maybe he's just taken a different path and it's something I need to accept.

    Santos is amazing though, he is someone to watch. I heard he's from Minneapolis, not Chicago (I have a friend who went to highschool with him in Minneapolis)... :-/ maybe why he's so good? ;)

    PS why can't you edit blogger comments? haha.

  9. Will said...

    I left a comment earlier today at lupethefiasco, but I do actually realise its not his blog. I just haven't edited my review yet. He does frequent that blog though, and I want to give his album as much credit as possible.

    I'm pretty impressed with this album,as the review shows, but I can see what you mean about it not being a Lupe Fiasco album. I hope he takes another direction again for LupEND.

    Still not sure about Gold Watch- the sample kind of dominates in my honest opinion. I am listening on my laptop speakers (which arent too bad- Macbook Pro!), but I don't get a lot of bass...

    PS do you have a blog of your own? I'm keen to get some more links and build my rep.

  10. Micah said...

    I do will, but I don't use it. It's a new years resolution for me though to start Blogging again.

    Also - what source did you use for determining the samples you mentioned? The Wiki article you linked to only lists the ones from Paris, Tokyo and Hello/Goodbye. Just curious! I really want to know where the sample is from for Gold Watch. Also, what do you know about producer Chris & Drop?

  11. Will said...

    A couple of sources I've read credit t. I've never heard of Chris & Drop- who is he/them, other than that they produced The Coolest. Whoever they are, they must be talented to produce a song that good.

    I know the Go Go Gadget sample (its been used so much); I can't remember where I heard it but I think Gold Watch was from an old film. I've searched around but I can't find anything.

    Drop me a line when you start your blog again.

  12. Ticia said...

    This is a hot CD.....
    He layed it out!!

    His performance was HOT in Chicago at the HOB.

    I got my go go gadget flow-- LOVES LUPE!

  13. Black Mage said...

    Chris and Drop are a New York/New Jersey based production group. They actually met up in VA first, where they worked within the Neptunes camp for a few years. They've writtin songs for Amerie, and Cassidy to name a couple, and have done some movie scoring work. They've also done an album in Amsterdam with an artist named Ninthe. They are fairly new to the game. Chris is an accoplished jazz pianist/producer and Drop is a phenomanal songwriter/producer.

    Chris' myspace is myspace.com/cosmoschris and Drop's is linked to his!!!

    hmmm....i wonder how i know all of this??????

  14. Will said...

    Hmmm.. I wonder too. Enlighten me! Although a quick check of Myspace reveals that The Black Mage is in fact one of your names, Chris. Nice to have a famous artist commenting. What do you think of the review, and the blog in general.

    I live in Holland; who is Ninthe?

  15. Will said...

    Oh yeah, forgot to say props on producing The Coolest, my favourite song of the year. With that quality, the world is your oyster.

  16. Micah said...

    the coolest was good, but more props on Gold Watch! (not that will liked that track) Where is the sample from!?

  17. Black Mage said...

    I played all the guitar and string parts. =^) no sample. Glad u like it.

  18. Micah said...

    what's the voice from then? :D

  19. Will said...

    Being a sick jazz pianist, I expect you played all the piano on the album as well?

    Oh yeah, you forgot to say who Ninthe is?

  20. Anonymous said...

    best album of the year hands down

  21. Black Mage said...

    Ninthe = http://www.ninthemusic.com/

    she has some youtube stuff, and 2 music videos in rotatation in Holland i believe, so see if u can find them, if not i know they are on youtube. plus acouple of her songs are on itunes..so buy em'!!!! >=^)

  22. Will said...

    She has a great voice. I haven't really been watching MTV Netherlands lately, but I'm sure she is popular.

    So how did you get into producing? And how does the piano feature in all this?

  23. Anonymous said...

    in the begining of little weapon the chopped and skrewd voice is from the song kids with guns when i herd that i new the song was gunna be top 5 on the album

    my favorites little weapon,the die, put you on game, streets on fire, paris tokyo, dumb it down,intruder alert,the coolest,hiphop saved my life, fighters

    the songs that i was fellin but not my favorites superstar, go go gadget flow, gotta eat, hello/ goodbye, go baby, hi definition

    the song that i could do without

    gold watch

    i love the intro to food and liquor and the cool they both had a good messege

    free chilly!

  24. Black Mage said...

    The intro on Food & Liquor was also done by Chris and Drop!!!


  25. Micah said...

    the beat? that beat is sick. the same one that the album ends with, right? I'd love a instrumental version of that, btw.

    I don't understand why Gold Watch is getting such a bad rep, I really like it. Black Mage maybe you can share some of your thoughts on that subject...

  26. Anonymous said...

    Sorry, but Hip Hop Saved My life isn't about History. what makes me say that? History has a daughter and the subject of that song has a son. Neither character is stated to have more than one child, and also the character from HIP Hop turns his life around, whereas History continued down his path until his end.

  27. shadee_BLT_ryder said...

    I am not talking bad about you at all "Will Hines". This is just constructive critcism. But I don't really think your reviews of the songs would actually help people who are trying to know about The Cool. Most of your reviews on the songs is just a, "good or alright track w/ a little bit of...and w/ out of..." talk. While I was reading this review, I was pretending that I was a person looking for info so I could buy the album, that's what reviews do, is to help someone decide whether that product is worth getting or not. On your review on Free Chilly, you stated about the song or artists "unfortunately, they aren't who I paid to hear". You should have let the readers know what the track is about, which is a tribute to one of Lupe's good friend, producer and mentor. After all, this album was being created in hard times, with Lupe's pops passing, Bundlez passing, his aunt passing and his "good friend, producer and mentor" being locked up for 44 years. Why can't Lupe do a tribute track in his album? That statement you made wasn't really a review on the track, it was just a "I didn't pay to hear them" comment. This was only one example of how you did on your reviews, there's more examples of how you didn't actually "review" the songs. Next time you do a review, make sure you have full knowledge of the album before reviewing/critizing the album.

  28. Will said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  29. Will said...

    Shadee, I accept your comments, but when talking about experience and the way reviews should be done, please make sure you have ample experience yourself (aka not 15 small blogs and very few page views).

    I am fully aware of the content of this album, what its about, and love 'The Cool'. However, when writing a review, the idea is not to reveal everything about the songs, rather a small look into what this album is like as a whole. And I did that... the other 26 comments and more than 15000 page views of this post show that it is a good review, and a great post. You are in the minority....

    You appear to be looking for an album synopsis, which you wont find on this earth. Good luck with this...

    PS. Don't say you aren't 'talking bad' about me when you leave a veritable essay saying why I am wrong. Please do your background work next time- this was my number 1 album last year, so where did you get the criticism from?

  30. Micah said...

    hmm. will maybe don't take it to heart? I mean, not to start some flames on your blog or anything, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion. :p not that BLT really had great points, but it is called a "comment" for a reason. accept the good and the bad homie.

  31. Will said...

    True, true, Micah. I should have accepted his view. He just caught me at a bad time. And as you said, his points weren't particularly astute...

  32. Anonymous said...


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