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Tip: The Dodos

As I said before, its about that time when everyone is depressed, and everything seems to come and once. I'm in a massive rush, but I just wanted to get a quick post in before bed (unfortunately, I do need sleep!). Well, my tip for the day is newly signed band The Dodos. I received an email tip today informing me of the fact that the San Fransico based guitar and drum duo have signed to Frenchkiss Records, also home to Les Savy Favs (post on them coming soon) and The Hold Steady. That's not a bad alumni to have, and I think it bodes well for The Dodos. Other than an admittedly painful name, these two guys have everything going for them. Putting together a "country-blues-loving guitarist and a metalhead drummer" (see their website) and this what you get. And what is 'this'? Well, you can't really pinhole them, but its energetic, its folky, its fun and its easy to listen to. Good enough for you? I bloody hope so...

I've been listening to their back catalog all day, and what I've heard has we wondering where they've been... okay, their older songs are far too long and they need focus, but I've seen many horrendous bands unjustifiably making it big. Just goes to show you there's no justice in the music industry... All I can say is, good luck to the duo on their latest album 'Visiter' (out March 2008), and leave me a comment if you like the tracks I've posted: one track from each of their three albums, including their latest single, Fools.

The Dodos- Fools
The Dodos- Nerds
The Dodos- Notes


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