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Thriller 25

Michael Jackson is a living legend. Okay, so recently he's been busy turning into a weird looking, purportedly kiddy fiddling legend, but that doesn't change the past. A child star like none-other, he pulled off the difficult trick of cashing in on his young talent, and transforming it into a proper career. The rest is history- 7 albums, more than 100 million sales, the moonwalk and the gradual fall from grace. It looks like now, 7 years after 'Invincible', is the time for his comeback.

On February 11th, Thriller, the best selling album of all time, will turn a momentous 25. And to mark the occasion, a commemaritive album is being released, entitled 'Thriller 25'. The album will feature all the remastered versions of the original tracks, plus some new versions of the hit singles. It is a testament to 'Thriller' that a quarter of a century on, it defiantly stands up to the test of time- the 80's retro sound which I usually despise still sounds great. Unfortunately, we already knew that, and its place as the best selling album of all time is pretty much guaranteed- Thriller 25, however, wont be repeating that feat.

I haven't heard the released version of Thriller 25 yet, but I've heard demo's of every track on this anniversary release, and the outlook isn't looking too good for the 'bonus material', included with the special edition CD.

Jackson really needs to wake up. Using artists like Fergie, will.i.am and Akon for your comeback album is a stupid move, given that they struggle to keep their own solo careers afloat. And this becomes blatantly obvious when you hear 'Beat It 2008', a shameful version of the classic which now has Fergie bawling over Michael and the distastefully updated backing track. Even Kanye West stumbles on his re-hash of 'Billie Jean 2008', slowing things down way too much and adding a 'ghetto' beat. This isn't 'Graduation', Kanye, this is 'Thriller'. Will.i.am, as usual, makes the mistake of stepping out from behind the mixing desk. Stick to producing- your version of 'The Girl Is Mine 2008' fares slightly better, but in the right hands, this could have been so much more. The only winner here? Surprisingly, Akon, who really blew me away with 'Wanna Be Startin' Something 2008', where he put his distinctive voice to use (a voice which usually drives me insane, but fits this song). I'm sure many of you will have already heard these tracks, and I'd like to hear your thoughts? Which of the new tracks did you like?

Other than 'Wanna Be Startin Something 2008', these songs reek of a cash-in. Using 'popular' artists to give your image a positive boost is an old trick, and it never works. See Duran Duran, who had Timbaland produce their latest album, Red Carpet Massacre. It bombed. And whilst 'Thriller 25' will be carried by the strength of the original material, its obvious that these extra tracks have been made with the minimal amount of effort and thought.

Its sad that the legacy of this album looks set to be tainted by this pointless release. 'Thriller' is an album to remember, and it frustrates me that this will even be a part of its history. Its obvious that the aim of this is to bring Michael Jackson back into the world's eyes, as a musician, before the release of his new album- which, by the way, is classic Jackson, and its great- but on the basis of this, this could be the commemoration that never happened. The prospects for Jackson's comeback, however, look good: I've heard an early mix of his album, and already its full of classic pop songs, plus Jackson trademarks- high pitched squeals, a retro beat and some accompanying dance moves that I can already picture.

The question is, do we want him back? Has Michael Jackson had his time?

Michael Jackson ft. Akon- Wanna Be Startin' Something 2008
Michael Jackson ft. Fergie- Beat It 2008
Michael Jackson ft. will.i.am- The Girl Is Mine 2008
Michael Jackson ft. Kanye West- Billie Jean 2008

Listen to 'Xcape', a track from his new album, here...


download it here: Michael Jackson- Xcape

Thriller 25 can be pre-ordered here...


  1. Norville Rogers said...

    While Duran Duran's latest album has not produced any record sales, critics have given it good marks. It is actually quite a good album from start to finish.

  2. Will said...

    Sorry, my mistake. Red Carpet Massacre is a great album... if you like bloated, 80's throwback music, with a cringe-worthy hip-hop beat.

    Your point on the critics is also incorrect- the average score on most sites for this album is around 2 out of 5 stars, which isn't good in my book.

    Personal preference is encouraged, though, and I can see that you like Duran Duran. I respect that. Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, this post isn't about Duran Duran. This is about Michael Jackson...

  3. Tom G said...

    Lol-just let sleeping dogs lie. Why mess with the classics to such an extent-just re-release it with a commerative booklet, and a DVD, and remastered tracks. Problem solved. And don't let Akon, and Will.i can't produce or rap.am on any track with Michael...

  4. Anonymous said...

    I think it's great I have been waiting a long time to cop a album of some of classics songs by MJ. I haven't cop mycop yet but I plan to get it tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm always going to be a fan of Michael

  5. Will said...

    I think I will also always be a fan as well. He has produced some classic tunes, and hopefully a comeback is happening. If he ends up playing live then I will be going to see him...

  6. Michael said...

    Now the album is out and I guess the sales no's are suprisingly high.

    But I must say that the album sounds really good.

    Will I am, Akon sounds great together with Michael Jackson.

    A brand new album could be very very interesting.

  7. alada said...

    Ok..grabbed a copy...

    I don't know if it is just an error on my disk...or if it's on every single copy... but if you listen to "the girl is mine 2008" - between 1:20 and 1:30...did anyone else notice a skip in the beat...right where Michael is singing "so come and go with me" it sounds completely off!

    is my cd scratched already? or is it a stuff up?

  8. Anonymous said...

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