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A 17 year old taking his first tentative steps into the world of blogging. In my first year, its been up and down, from the slow first months to a busy time around the one year anniversary.

Inbox Round Up

I'm ill at the moment, so the posts today might not be up to standard. Inbox Round Up is an enjoyable, easy post, and if you would like to be featured here drop me a line at william_hines@hotmail.co.uk

Round of applause- the first band featured today is Ionia, a four piece hailing from New York, who play songs imbued with a mix of powerful rock and metal, with some softer moments in between. Its a travesty that bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars have made it big stateside, when Ionia are essentially a better, more musically talented version of the popular band. 'Rewind' reminds me of an early My Chemical Romance, with its spoken introduction and intense chorus. 'Gasoline Rainbow', however, is the clincher. This song has been whipping up a stir for a while now, not least because it pulls off the impossible trick that Our Lady Peace once made famous: great, massive American pop music that clicks. They seem to be a nice bunch as well, having just returned from a tour down in Costa Rica designed to benefit the the Roberta Felix Foundation.

Ionia- Gasoline Rainbow

Check out their website here, or their MySpace to listen to some tracks. You can also take a look at some footage of their live performances in Costa Rica. Ionia have a new self titled EP out coming out in a couple of months, and I've heard it in full. Take my advice... Cop it!

Next up, The Hysterics. I know I've written about these guys before, but with each release, they only seem to get better and better. And on their second release, 'Radical Chic', some interesting comparisons develop. Whereas 'Mostly Untitled' showcases the bands chilled demeanor, this song is quite simple really, starting off small and ending up big. The band are constantly straining for that extra little bit of volume, and near its peak their lead singer begins to sound like Craig Nicholls of the Vines. We also get our first epic guitar solo, which was well worth the wait. Their self titled debut finally drops on 4th March. I can't wait. For more info, hit up their site.

The Hysterics- Radical Chic

From Frenchkiss Records- rapidly becoming my go to label for exciting new bands- The Big Sleep have a new album out today. 'Sleep Forever', a 12 track second album effort from the New York band, is eagerly awaited. Lead singer (and bassist) Sonya Balchandani is a true master of ghostly vocals, and their debut 'Son Of The Tiger' was a rarity- a brilliant album that arrives with zero hype and far exceeds the critics expectations. The set up is simple- guitar, bass and drums, but the product isn't. Its much more than the plain rock which you would expect, with searing guitar riffs, understated vocals and clever musicianship. Buy the album here.

The Big Sleep- Bad Blood

Visit their website for a preview of the new album...

Downliners Sekt's second album, 'The Saltire Wave' is an eclectic mix of electro and rock. There aren't any vocals to speak of, and to be honest, I can't really explain it any better than the band themselves. On their site, they have a comprehensive FAQ section, outlining their musical background, influences, and most importantly, why the album is free. Its an interesting musical statement, and they make a strong case for the death of the album. The music itself isn't my thing- I prefer some vocals to keep things interesting, but if you liked Burial a lot , this is distantly similar, but a little less interesting.

'The Saltire Wave' is available for free download on their website...