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The Roots: 'Get Busy'

The Roots- Get Busy
The Roots- Black's Reconstruction

Another song from the latest album by The Roots- 'Get Busy'- was leaked a couple of days ago. From the three songs I've heard, the band are taking a completely tangential direction with this album, in comparison to their early songs. The production is sick, and highly stylised; slightly similar to their work on 'Game Theory', their last album.

This is a band who directly influence the music industry with their every choice: many prominent musicians have come from within their depths. Heard of Scott Storch? A keyboard player in The Roots. Rahzell? Toured with the Roots in his anonymity years. Ben Kenny? Went from The Roots to being bassist with Incubus. You get the picture...

'Rising Down', their 10th studio album, will be released on April 29, according to ?uestlove. That in itself if a feat: how many other hip-hop/rap groups do you know that have ridden their career out to a massive ten albums. And my guess as to why? The musicianship of the band- primarily started out by ?uestlove and Black Thought, both students at the Philadelphia High School for Creative Performing Arts, and later expanded by a huge variety of talented individuals...

Just as a time waster, a drum battle between ?uestlove and Travis Barker, at the Roots annual Grammy jam session... epic: