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Lily Allen- New Hair→New Direction→New Demos

Lily Allen- I Could Say (Link 2) (Link 3)
Lily Allen- I Don't Know (Link 2) (Link 3)

I once made the mistake of proclaiming Kate Nash as Lily Allen's protege, and immediate superior. I was quickly cut down by my brother ("she's good, but she's got a long way to go before she's as good as Lily"). He was right- whilst Kate Nash is alright, Lily has the makings of something great.

The way she came to fame was interesting, and it was exactly the right path to take: distancing herself from her father. Obviously, Lily has had a hard time recently (I'm not going to explain the circumstances... you do the work), and that comes across in her new demos. Its as if 'Smile' never happened. And yet, these tracks were released in much the same way- by Lily herself- and will no doubt find popularity as the plays rack up (95000 on the first day, in case you were wondering!).

As the press commonly do, they obsessed over her appearance- in particular, the blonde hair. Why? The signs are all there in her music: The summer pop has been discarded for a much darker tone. And whilst 'I Could Say' and 'I Don't Know' sound like pop songs, the subject matter is less than peachy:

"And I'll take my clothes off, and it will be shameless. 'Cause everyone knows; that's how you get famous".


  1. Anonymous said...

    Despite the fact that kate nash became annoying very quickly due to massive overhyping and every radio station playing her to death, she is still better than lily allen.

  2. Will said...

    I have to disagree... 'Foundations' is a great song, but once you move past that, Lily wins. With 'Smile', 'LDN' and these two new demos, she most certainly isn't a one hit wonder (just as Nash ALMOST is).

  3. Anonymous said...

    Lily 'front for a big labels idea' Allen is a bit of a fake. She pretend to be some common londoner when shes loaded and from summerset or something, all a bit of an act I reakons. Kate is much more original and real.

  4. Tom said...

    It's a shame that Nash was overhyped/overplayed and annoying.

    I quite like these new demos, it'll be interesting to see how/if they form into new album stuff.

  5. Michael said...

    I think you're making the common mistakes of English music fans, ie claiming that poverty grants someone greater music integrity: yes Lily has hammed up her "poor" past, but this is music made during a time of personal upheaval, and while Kate Nash has a better voice and plays the piano, nothing that she's written touches this for emotional range.

  6. Michael said...

    I think that you're making the usual mistake of English music fans - claiming that poverty makes someone's music more "real". Yes Lily has talked up her "poor" past, but this is pop music made in the wake of a massive persaonl upheaval: Kate Nash might have a better voice and play the piano, but nothing she's written touches this for emotional range.

  7. Brad said...

    these songs are great and i can't stop listening to them.

    not sure about the nash v. allen battle but from what i've heard from the both i prefer allen.

  8. Will said...

    Thanks brad and tom- nice to know that someone else thinks they're great/infectious.

    Now we just have to wait to see if the album is any good!

    @ anonymous: How is Allen fake? She made her roots clear, but tried to distance herself. And if you did your research, she wasn't loaded. She had connections, yes, but she wasn't loaded (her dad is!).

  9. Anonymous said...

    Very good ... cool tunes ! I think she's a STAR !


  10. Will said...

    pennwood and brad- tru dat. I love these songs sooo much, and I wasn't always a huge fan.

  11. bob said...

    Well, long months have passed, and "The Fear" is out now. Had a little google for info about the new album and somehow ended up here.

    For what it's worth, my opinion on Nash vs Allen:

    They both hype up their mockney accents - Nash's speaking accent may be closer to her Chaz and Dave singing voice, but she's actually from a rather well-to-do middle class background. As is Lily; not rich, not poor. In fact, the majority of musicians come from middle class backgrounds, and the successful ones almost always attempt to paint themselves as working class heroes; how and why class affects general opinion on their music is a mystery to me.

    But, in purely songwriting terms, I'd plump for Nash - Lily has a very good way with words, but Nash writes songs, where Lily pens lyrics and tunes. Besides which, Will, Foundations is indeed good, but Birds (at least, the original) is outstanding. She reminds me of Regina Spektor (a big influence, I'll wager), but poppier and more 'English'.

    Either way though, they're two very talented young ladies and not to be sneered at - least of all for not being working class.

  12. 慢慢來 said...



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