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The musings of a teenage audiophile. Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Dubstep, Garage, Metal... music crosses all boundaries. The Cold Cut is devoted to giving you a taste of what's going on in music at the moment.

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A 17 year old taking his first tentative steps into the world of blogging. In my first year, its been up and down, from the slow first months to a busy time around the one year anniversary.

Coldplay: 'Lovers In Japan'. Sigur Ros. Weezer are relevant again. Ratatat. Fun. Immuzikation- Extremely prolific

Once again, I have learnt one of the simple truths of blogging. It's unpredictable! The popularity of a post is often unrelated to its length or quality: sometimes posts which I rattle out in five minutes are popular, whereas those which I labour over barely get off the ground. I'm not worried, but I think its time for this blog to get back to normal, and stop worrying about my content and hits.
Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends' (pre-order here) is on the verge of a full leak: the bands management have done well thus far: the three leaked tracks have all been very low quality, and in 'Lost's case, not the version that will appear on the album (early verdict says the album version is much superior, with an organ backing). However, one more track has appeared on the web. Again, the version is fairly low quality, but represents another valuable peak at the album nonetheless. 'Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love' is another nice combo, in keeping with 'Viva La Vida's sound. The album is garnering mostly positive early reviews: the generally negative NME gave it 8/10, which bodes well.

Coldplay recently announced their UK tour dates, which are as follows. Unfortunately, the US tour is taking preference, which rules the band out of most of the UK festivals. The UK tour commences in December.

Coldplay- Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love (Link 2)

1/12/08 - Birmingham, NIA
2/12/08 - Birmingham, NIA
5/12/08 - Glasgow, SECC
6/12/08 - Glasgow, SECC
7/12/08 - Sheffield, Arena
10/12/08 - Liverpool, Echo Arena
11/12/08 - Manchester, MEN Arena
12/12/08 - Manchester, MEN Arena
14/12/08 - London, O2 Arena
15/12/08 - London, O2 Arena

Sigur Ros have always been bonkers. However, just as with Bjork, their loopiness adds to their music, rather than detracting from it. Never has this been more clear than with their latest track, Gobbledigook.

Sigur Ros- Gobbledigook
(Link 2)

Weezer's new album leaked last week. It's not as bad as early reviews stated, but also not as great as some fans hoped. The few high spots are a milestone for the band: a handful of songs are the best material recorded since 'Pinkerton'. Which is great. Best of all is the album closer 'The Angel And The One', which sits apart from the rest of the album. Why? Because it's sincere... 'Pork And Beans' is fun, sure, but sometimes I enjoy the more heartfelt Weezer which rarely surfaces.

Weezer- The Angel And The One (Link 2)

Weezer have also made a huge impact with their new video for 'Pork And Beans'. The video has the band performing the song, alongside many internet sensations and meme's. A few notable cameos include Tay Zonday, Mentos/Coke and Chris Crocker. Some might question why these people would ridicule themselves in such a way, but in the end, this video gives them what they want: a slight extension to their 15 minutes. It's a genius move by Rivers and co- Weezer are relevant again. 4 million views and counting...

I wasn't aware of Ratatat until their logo flashed across my screen whilst flicking through another blog. It's throwback, and instantly reminded me of Thundercats and Transformers. It was a bit of a bonus, then, that their music is also worth the time. Shiller is

Ratatat- Shiller (Link 2)

Immuzikation is making serious moves. I'm still not entirely sure how this guy mashes the songs so quickly- yesterday he sent me two quality tunes, one arrived this morning and I'm expecting more today. Just a quick drop- I seriously recommend you download his new uber mash-up: 'And Her Sisters'. It's 25 minutes long, encompasses well over 20 songs and moves seamlessly through genres and styles. Download, below. Will re-upload later today...

Immuzikation- And Her Sisters


  1. Woods said...

    I hate being that guy, but money's by flying lizards, not yoko ono

  2. Keanuette said...
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  3. Will said...

    I'm not going to re-upload it tonight, but check your inbox..

  4. thefourohfive said...


    Great blog!



  5. Sheena Beaston said...

    Immuzikation made the "And Her Sisters" mix for me

    He's been amazing as of late!

  6. Anonymous said...
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  7. Ashley said...

    great coldplay track.
    blogroll www.likesounds.com?


  8. Will said...

    yeah- i'll blogroll you. Thanks for the link, and nice blog!

  9. billy said...

    more and more i realize that all the kids want in a post is music. i could write a brilliant review and most of the comments would still be "hey, the link is broken, can you reupload?"

    bollocks to the page hits and the popularity. keep blogging mate.

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