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Webbafied: The ball is rolling!

Webbafied- Can't Tell Me Nothing/Garbage (Link 2)
Webbafied- Phantom Part II (Link 2)

One of my favourite up and coming artists, Webbafied, has started to make some serious progress. I wrote a 'Definitive Justice' post a few months ago, and his tracks went to the top of the hype machine, as well as the post receiving a huge volume of hits and comments.

I know Webb has a load of great friends and we are all rooting for him: if you haven't downloaded it yet, 'Webbafied Does It Justice' is one of the best free releases of last year (yes, including 'In Rainbows'). He sent me an email update recently:

"So...my band mate Morgane invited me to the Release Party for ED REC VOL.3...LIVE in Paris, France...Of course I accepted the invite and got into party mode...assume of you may know, my latest project 'WebbaFied Does It Justice' is a cover of the Ed Banger Records Release 'Cross'

So it was a very good look for me to be in the house with these folks..hmmmm...Lemme rephrase that....not in the house..but ON THE BOAT...these dudes rented a boat for the party...it was nuts...we we're on La Seine at midnight when the Eiffel Tower lights up and shit..It was so ill!!!

Despite all the great scenery and extreme inebriation I had some promotional work to do...the first Person I polly'd with was DJ A TRAK...i don't know what the hell he was doing there but I'm glad I got to build with him...he was cool...talked about the buzz surrounding the Glow in The Dark tour...chatted about my project...and kept bumpin into each other for the rest of the night...It wasn't that big of a boat...oh...and his set was crazy...I got to build with DJ Medhi and he seemed impressed by the concept of the project...

I met both of the dudes from Justice...I hit one of them with a CD...He loved the idea of the project and assured me he would check it out...one of the dudes from Justice and Medhi did a set...and body'd it...the crowd was huddled around the DJbooth...it was funky as hell..it smelled like hot locker room and onions... Last but not least was Busy P...he was cool as hell...me and him kicked a lot throughout the night...I told him the details of the project and he was impressed with the fact that we didn't chop up their music...that I just rode it out as it was...he seemed genuinely interested in what i did...we had drinks..talked some shit....we really got it popping...he knew some of the people I came with so we were all just going in!! It was classic...
Left the boat at like 4:30am...got a crepe...hit the train...and hit the sack..."

Webbafied sent me some great photos: I'm pleased to see that he's making some serious progress. Visit Webbafied's Myspace and download his 'Hits Of The Year: Volume 1' and 'Webbafied Does It Justice' albums free. Now that Justice have a copy of his album I'm pretty sure things are going to get mental: more online exposure and some magazine interviews over the summer, no doubt. I can't wait!


  1. Janelle Ryan said...

    hip hop hooray :)

  2. C-Pock said...

    LoL....Webba's getting his Ed bnager on for real...much respect bro

  3. Anonymous said...

    Webb, I am speechless, All I can say is AMAZING!


  4. Anonymous said...

    Hell, nah! Don't let this Jack fool yah. He ain't makin' no noise. Check my man WALE out! WEB your time is up. All your fans are lil' 18-20 yr old females you bagged or your dirty friends that thought they would be famous too. And SunShyne is garabage to. His whole crew is garabage. Cutt your braids again and stop rhyming cause your time is up! 30 yrs old go have a family oh my bad, you tried that but she left you for another female..
    The F*ckin' Hater. N.Y. is my throne.

  5. Anonymous said...

    im sick of seeing people doin blogs about this loser...he aint got no bread...no whips...no ice...no house...this is like the 50th blog i seen about this bullshit project..do a real album!!! and i got personal dirt on this lame..I know ur brother doin a bid and you never send him dough and you aint check for him in years.. and i know about ya illegitimit son that you dont claim...you a deadbeat for real...
    die slow
    the anti webbafied coalition

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