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The Dodos: Visiter Review

Rating: 9/10- A Frenchkiss debut that the duo should be unashamadly proud of.

The Dodos- Red And Purple
The Dodos- The Season

The aim of this blog is not to be totally ahead of the curve; I'm not (and I hope you aren't) counting points. Sometimes, though, I can't help but resist shouting out 'I found them!'. I have been harking on about The Dodos for ages and it is with a sense of joy that we see them reach a pinnacle (an 8.5 from Pitchfork- No shit!). 'Visiter', their second and best album yet, is receiving great reviews across the board and their recent live shows have been nothing short of incredible.

'Visiter' is the first album that clearly illustrates the undiluted talent that The Dodos possess. On 14 varied tracks, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber make a brave rush for victory, recently having mastered their brand of folk-punk. Lets be honest, who needs a bassist when you can write music this wonderfully complex?

Logan Kroeber's drumming is crucial throughout the record, holding the songs together with a rhythmic appreciation far beyond his peers. One of the most skillful drummers in music at the moment, he honed his talent through years in a prog-metal band. Meric Long is a hero for the ages, with a dry lyrical talent and a voice that fits the folky feel, in both the more intense songs ('Red And Purple', 'Winter') and the low key interludes ('Walking', 'Eyelids'). He fluctuates between frantic picking or intense strumming, and both Long and Kroeber are modest in displaying their huge instrumental talents.

The album is long and twisting, with the duo squeezing every last drop of creativity out of their songs. Often extending into four (never boring) minutes, the music is complex and diverse. 'Jodi' is the song that most clearly illustrates this, stretching for 6 minutes, yet switching between keys and moods, and beating 'Fools' as the best song on the album. 'Visiter' was recorded in an unusual fashion, with songs being played as they would live, and the drums, guitar and vocals were taped together, to mimic their now infamous live sound. The resultant album is full of vitality and intensity, and throughout it is blatantly obvious that the duo are enjoying themselves. Admittedly, they are at their best when moving along at a steady pace, and I found myself beginning to lose interest in the lulls.

'Visiter' is one of the albums of the year, and must have Frenchkiss records feeling proud of themselves. Alongside an alumni that includes Les Savy Favs and The Hold Steady, The Dodos don't appear outclassed in the slightest. In fact, those bands might have felt the heat turn up a bit given the quality of 'Visiter'. This is an album that should be cherished, and will no doubt survive rediscovery for many years to come.


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