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The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable- Austere
The Joy Formidable- Cradle

Update: I (and the band) are overwhelmed by the reaction the tracks have had. On their last few hours, they occupied the number 1 and 2 spots on the hype machine popular list. If just goes to show you- great music knows no boundaries. This band are destined for huge things, and they really deserve it. Expect to see them in the near future.

Update: Holy shit. This post has gone 'mega', for use of a better word. The two tracks I posted have literally been stuck on the front page of the Hype Machine for the whole day- also, both tracks are within the top 20 most popular, and they only got indexed 20 hours ago. Impressive! I love to see a band such as The Joy Formidable benefitting from the publicity. Listen to the tracks, spread the word, and get it to number 1.

I am very occasionally impressed by a MySpace submission. Never before, however, have I been blown away. Sure, I do an inbox round-up every now and then, and the bands I feature are generally talented. The Joy Formidable, however, impressed me so much that now is their time to take centre stage...

Hailing from London, this three piece is the kind of band which maintains my belief in British music. A year ago, the band didn't even exist, but over the last few months they have crafted a distinctive sound that excuses their 'Other/Other/Other' genre choices on MySpace. Ritzy, Rhydian (who emailed me) and Justin have yet to release anything, but are already tipped by Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson (radio DJ) as the next big thing for their 'dream pop', the missing link between mainstream rock and indie. I was instantly hooked when they cracked out that bassline on 'Austere'- I didn't even know those kind of sounds existed anymore, and the song was recently used in an advert for Skins. Even after a year together they are already beginning to sound like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with their penchant for distortion and falsetto backing.

The most confusing aspect is their lack of a record deal- I have a strong sense that this is down to the band rather than labels, who must be falling over themselves to get their hands on such quality.

Check out their Myspace, and make keep your eye on this band. They are destined for huge things...


  1. Anonymous said...

    th eoveruse of eyeliner kinda throws me off, but that doesn't really matter ...i guess. more importantly, their music is nice. reeeeeeeeeeal nice

  2. Will said...

    The image can be sorted out once they become massively popular. But its nice to see them finally getting recognition. I really think they're onto something completely new...

  3. saam keephopeinside said...

    this post is getting seriously caned via the hype machine as it's been stuck on the front page for a day! a good thing for both you and the band.

    why does the image need to be sorted out anyway? and "finally getting recognition"? they've been around for a few months, other bands have been slugging it out for years. i don't begrudge them their success (they're even on my february podcast!) but they have been lucky enough to get noticed simply on the strength of their songs.

    anyways, nice blog!

  4. Will said...

    I don't think they need to change their image- I was just responding to the comment 'anonymous' made.

    They have the tunes, and its impressive that they're not even a year into their careers.

    As to being stuck on the hype machine, I'm not entirely sure why that happened. I'm not complaining, though- the tracks look set to go to number 1 and 2 respectively. Nice for the band...

  5. saam said...

    of course, i wouldn't complain either!

    i think we're in agreement. it's just the way you worded your reply, implying that they could do with changing their image rather than simply retaining their existing style.

  6. Will said...

    Sorry- I should have thought about it (that isn't meant to sound sarcastic). Anyway, if they don't make it big, I'll eat my own hat...

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